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The VitalSignals system

A new suite of affordable, wireless vital sign monitors
—the first home health monitors reporting vital signs via a communicating pillbox.

An exciting new trend in health care worldwide are better tools for managing a person’s health at home. For millions more people refusing to lose their independence or admit to hospital, we now help people self-manage chronic diseases in the comfort of home.

In addition, the system reports to the concerned family and care team about the patient’s health status.  Remote monitoring is the new buzz in self-care – independence and safety for the patient, peace of mind for care givers.

VitalSignals® provides that system! The only home health system having a communicating pillbox monitor as its hub, VitalSignals® offers a suite of vital sign monitors that wirelessly send their test readings to the MedSignals® pillbox/monitor/hub to upload information straight to the patient’s file. Securely. Automatically. Effortlessly.

Integrated records — showing vital signs out of range, skipped pills and, more likely, perfect adherence — are then distributed to authorized caregivers and loved ones.



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