Jerome HahnJerome Hahn is the chief technologist behind the VitalSignals® portfolio of products—the only collection of homehealth monitors using a medication adherence monitor as its gateway.

Jerry was one of the early pioneers of today’s telehealth devices and systems. Nearly a decade ago, he envisioned personal health devices in the home with sensors to capture ‘events,’ such as opening pillbox lids and weight readings from scales. But, it was not enough to merely record these events and readings in memory. It was also important that devices send information and alerts to remote caregivers—especially when patients are out of the normal range.

He leveraged his 10 years experience as chief developer of the first tele-communicating pillbox and medication adherence device—MedSignals®—which serves as the communications hub for our other monitors.

Since he founded the company a year ago, Jerry has created a family of bio-monitors that communicate with each other and merge their outputs into a complete Profile of the patient’s health status into one integrated record. Not only can you see your loved one’s glucose count but also when he/she took diabetes meds or an insulin shot this morning.

For home health nurses managing the health of 100’s of individuals living at home, it is time-saving to review a Dashboard showing patients who are ‘exceptions’ to the normal range — flagged for a quick response. Physicians now have the benefit of a one-page summary with charts showing how blood pressure readings ranged since the last visit.

His company finds Best-of-Class biomonitors to add to the VitalSignals® line from manufacturers across the globe that meet ISO standards. These products always have FDA approval for sale in the US and CE certification to market in Europe. Generally, these devices are among the best-selling in other countries and have strong performance histories but are non-communicating -- these exceptional technologies cannot upload their readings from the home. The VitalSignals® team of technologists then gain agreement with the manufacturers to add wireless capabilities, generally using Bluetooth® or ZigBee® short-range radio transmission.

Jerry has leveraged his mechanical engineering training as well as his expertise in supply chain, manufacturing, product design, and systems architecture. His distinguished career has included such highlights as managing designs of the first engine controls on automobiles, as well as managing development of the first space shuttle’s payload navigation computer. He was later an owner of a systems house that developed robotic and flexible manufacturing systems. At Texas Instruments, he was division manager for 5 business units developing custom equipment and software for the semiconductor industry. Prior to entering the healthcare field in 2002, he was a Partner with KPMG, managing a national consulting practice specializing in supply chain. He joined the parent organization of MedSignals and led development of that company’s first personal health product—SmokeSignals®—an award winning stop-smoking handheld technology. He served as Chief Technology Officer for MedSignals during its development from 2002-2008. He holds a BSME degree from Santa Clara University.



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