VitalSignals® Bluetooth Blood Pressure monitor is a top-selling device and a favorite of care givers to remotely monitor a patient

  • Spoken reminders (in English, Arabic, Dutch or Spanish) or flashing lights to remind when to take BP tests.
  • Spoken announcement of BP readings aloud in many languages – particularly helpful to vision impaired people.
  • Bluetooth transmission from the monitor, sent securely through the MedSignals hub to the patient’s charts.

MedSignals® can be used as a Gateway in    45 countries for VitalSignals® monitors pending regulatory approvals.
ASK if it is in your country.

The monitor uses Bluetooth communications to the cellular-communicating hub.

Blood pressure Smartcharts™ are integrated with the appropriate Rx charts, showing correlation. When a patient is out-of-range, automated notices can go to the family, nurse, doctor, or pharmacist.


  • Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  • With Oscillometric Method
  • Displays Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse readings
  • Large LCD Digital Display (70X80cm)
  • Fully automatic
  • 2 sets of 60 memories (total 120)
  • Bi-directional detection
  • Unique figure display
  • FDA 510(K) approved
  • CE 0434 certified
  • Accessories: instruction manual, storage bag,
    AA (no mercury) Alkaline Batteries (x4)
  • Optional AC adapter at minimal charge.
Blood Pressure Monitor
Easy as slipping into the arm cuff and pushing the Start button, the BP monitor is a rare model of simplicity. Across the room, the VitalSignals® hub repeats the systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings recorded.

The  VitalSignals®  pillbox/hub can be programmed to remind the user to take readings. Together with medication records, readings will be automatically uploaded and logged to the patient’s private, secure charts. Blood pressure charts are integrated with the appropriate Rx charts, showing relationships.