MedSignals® serves VitalSignals in 4 important ways:

MSheader  As the VitalSignals® HUB, transmitting readings to the user’s records,
MSheader  As a REMINDER when to test and dose medicine,
MSheader  As a VOICE to speak instructions and readings aloud in multiple languages,
MSheader  As a medication adherence MONITOR to show the effect of pills taken with vital signs.

VitalSignals®is unique for this one-of-a-kind complementary device that serves these 4 key functions. VitalSignals® licensed the MedSignals® communicating pillbox as its gateway for reporting vital sign readings from the home.  

How smart! After all, the common thread in controlling chronic disease is good medication management.

The MedSignals® pill case is Bluetooth-enabled to collect transmitted readings from all VitalSignals monitors. With the MedSignals cellular (mHealth) and landline telecommunications capability, the patient’s health status is reported from the home to remote caregivers who need to know.

On one snapshot of integrated SmartCharts™, patients and care providers can view readings from blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, precision weight scales, pulse oximeters, ECGs, pedometers and many more – all related to the person’s medication records. 

TWO COMMUNICATIONS MEANS: The MedSignals®multi-function pill case communicates information to the cloud server via two optional means:

Cellular M2M


MedSignals® is first to offer embedded SIM cards running on cellular networks, to relay mobile health (mHealth) data from your suite of home monitors to the cloud-based server and to patient files.

Landline phone


Alternatively, where cellular access is difficult, an RJ-11 jack in the cradle permits two-way data communication via the residence’s phone lines with a cloud-based server. When a dial tone is detected, the device auto-dials a toll-free number to upload usage data to the database where it is captured in the patient’s secured record. The landline model is currently only available in North America.


See the MedSignals® website to learn more and see details about this complementary pillbox/ monitor/ hub.